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Home staging isn’t a luxury, in today’s market it is mandatory! Are you looking to put your home on the market? Would you like to sell quickly, for top dollar?  With a little creativity, elbow grease and a next-to-nothing budget, you can!  It likely means addressing curb appeal, neutralizing a paint scheme, tweaking a furniture layout, rearranging some accessories, drawing back the blinds, de-cluttering, and giving your home a good honest scrub down. 


A home staging consultation includes a walk-through of your home and a written room-by-room proposal.  If you need help implementing the plan, I can help with that as well. This effort will bring you to your final goal of selling quickly, for top dollar.  Home staging is the return of investment you have been waiting for, and remember: a clean and well-maintained home never goes out of style.


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